Tuesday, February 3, 2009

20 Years

Reunion Info so far:
It will be held the weekend of August 14-16, 2009
Friday we are hoping for a mix and mingle type of gathering. Something that may or may not include children?
Saturday we will be doing a family lunch at South Jordan park and then dinner at Snowbird.
Sunday we are still open to ideas, but have thought that a brunch or a round of golf (scramble) would be fun.
We would like everyone to submit a then and now photo for a video yearbook to be shown at the dinner. The photo of then should be your senior picture, if you still have it or from that time period. The now photo can be of just you, or whoever else you want in the photo with you (spouse, kids etc.).


  1. Who do we submit the photos to? What email address?

  2. Also I believe Wayne Hunting responded to you on Classmates.com regarding being involved in the planning committee. You might want to double check and contact him there, as he is listed on your missing in action list.

  3. There are many listed MIA that are on classmates, but I do not have an email for them. Classmates is very hard to get responses from and to have them reply directly to me. So many of the names don't have current info attached. As soon as I have a little more info to post on the reunion, I will update classmates.

  4. Im not MIA well maybe mentally. Im pretty much a low tech redneck so in not sure if I should post my email but I get so much junk mail it dont matter so here it is Diamondmountian@yahoo.com